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Our Philosophy:

Whether you're downsizing due to a death in the family or due to another life-altering event such as a divorce, moving permanently to a vacation home, relocation, or simply "it's no one's business", D&J believes the entire process can be relatively stress-free and uncomplicated.

We bring technical ability and knowledge, as well as empathy.  We enjoy dealing with the general public, and have an appreciation for history, the arts and cultures,

Our goal is to minimize your stress while maximizing your return.  In order to achieve this goal, we believe that it is important that shoppers have a positive experience.  Also, it's how we maintain a loyal following of shoppers.  How do we accomplish this?  It's actually more simple than you might imagine - We're nice to people.  

We're honest and we don't play games.  Whether your property is in an apartment, condo or a mansion, whether it's clean and organized or a hoarder's home, from a business or a barn, we understand and we've experienced the same or similar situation, (really).  We can handle from modest to multi-million dollar estates.  

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