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Selling Full/Partial Estates: On-site Estate Sales, Off-Site Estate Sales. 

Our most common service is a 2 or 3-day Estate Tag Sale.  ​We begin with a no-cost walk-through consultation where we will work with you to map out a unique strategy to fit your needs and maximize the proceeds from your sale.  There are no hidden fees. 

Once contracted, we will, as necessary:

Merchandize: Organize, categorize, showcase and stage, bring in display cases and tables, inspect and research, repair (if worthwhile, cost-effective and time permitting).

Market: Using photos, descriptions, lists, promote the sale via the Internet (, our website, social media, email list), local papers (if available, worthwhile and timely), place professional directional signs on main roads on days of sale (where not prohibited by law or ordinance).

Conduct: We will staff the sale with professional and courteous (and happy) associates, take bids, cash, credit cards.

Liquidating Estate (Outright purchase, consignment):

Sometimes a sale is not possible due to disallowance by a condo association, due to  logistics, or the number of items is too few.  Depending on the situation we might make an outright purchase of your estate or arrange the consignment of your estate with a local auction at terms favorable to you that might not be possible if made on your own.  

Precious metal, diamond, fine jewelry acquisition:

For a variety of reasons, (some of which you can probably imagine), we normally, though not always, recommend not selling diamonds, gold or other fine jewelry items at an estate sale.  We normally can buy these items at the highest wholesale price for cash.  If you wish to sell these items @ the sale, we will require at least one additional dedicated staff member to handle such items.  

Pre and/or Post-Sale Cleanup/Cleanout:

Though it is not often needed, we offer a special service to prepare your home site when an extraordinary amount of cleanup is necessary before a sale.  This may be due to a hoarder situation, or other extreme clutter.   

After the sale, we offer advise regarding disposal of unsold item, including donating, consigning and cleanout.  We can refer multiple 3rd parties to conduct a "cleanout".  However, some clients prefer that we manage or conduct this service ourselves.  We can accommodate whichever scenario you prefer. 

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